How We Work processing and fulfilment of prescriptions medication is coordinated via our fulfilment partner. For more information contact us here. are an advocate to access lower cost Canadian prescription medication available for customers across the USA and beyond. We have access to thousands of brand name medications at a much cheaper price and can deliver it to all 50 states.  Read our press release here for more.

Canada regulates the pricing of all prescription medications to ensure that the prices are not “excessive” for the payers (public health care plans and private insurance plans).  Hence, our prescription drug costs are a relative bargain compared to the United States.

This extends to every patented drug, whether covered on an insurer’s formulary or not.  In August 2019, the Federal Government of Canada officially announced the enactment of regulations to further reduce patented drug prices saying it would save Canadians C$13.2bn (US$10bn) over a decade, overriding heavy opposition from pharmaceutical companies. 

Generic drugs listed on public formularies are subject to price controls set out by the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance.  The general formula is if there is only one generic drug on the market, the allowed price is 75-85% of the original product. 

If there are two generic drugs, the allowed price is limited to 50% of the original product price.  Once there are three or more generics, oral solid dosage forms are capped at 25% while other dosage forms are capped at 35% of the original drug price.

On the other hand, the United States allows drug manufacturers to set their benchmark prices for any given drug and more importantly approves drug for entry into the marketplace primarily on their safety profile.  Drug manufacturers maintain high prices in the United States through two strategies: protection from competition and negotiating power. 

Drug manufacturers are permitted to set their own drug prices while being granted market exclusivity which is enforced through two forms of legal protection against competition: Initial market exclusivity which is awarded to new drugs upon FDA approval and patent-related exclusivity allowing manufacturers to receive patent protection up to 20 years or more for their invention. 

The United States does not regulate or negotiate the prices of new prescription drugs when they enter the marketplace in contrast to other industrialized countries that use government oversight and leverage their negotiating power to determine the appropriate purchase price for drugs.

The results are high copays at the pharmacy for many Americans who cannot afford medications.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says generic drugs are copies of brand-name drugs and are the same as those brand-name drugs in:

  • dosage form
  • safety
  • strength
  • route of administration
  • quality
  • performance characteristics
  • intended use

Generic drugs use the same active ingredients as brand-name prescription drugs. Generic drug makers must prove to the FDA that their product works the same way as the brand-name prescription drug. In some cases, there may not be a generic drug the same as the brand-name drug you take, but there may be another generic drug that will work as well for you. Talk to your doctor or other prescriber about your generic drug coverage. will only source drugs from manufacturers that are registered with Health Canada and/or the FDA. Furthermore, previous history such as FDA warning letters, product recall history and active/inactive material procurement are taken into consideration. The majority of all generics selected by are shipped from the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. will not source generic drugs from manufacturers that have been cited by the FDA for violations pertaining to data integrity, falsification of records, sanitary conditions and failures to comply with Current Good Manufacturing Practices. prides itself on being the only North American overseas distributor doing extensive due diligence in screening each and every drug manufacturer. As part of our commitment to transparency, we can provide customers with Health Canada and/or FDA registered manufacturing sites for each generic and brand name drug that is sold.

The bottom line, we are leading the way when it comes to patient safety and transparency.

Shipping Information

We have logistic and freight solution agreements with Canada Post and United States Postal Service as our primary shipping partners. Every one of our standard orders are shipped and delivered to your requested shipping address after verification of said address. If no one is available during the delivery of your package, your package may be delivered to a secure area inaccessible to the public such as a mail slot or lock box. If no such safe option location is available, a Delivery Notice Card will be left indicating your closest pickup location to retrieve your package. Some products/shipping methods will require a signature.

Our Flat Rate Shipping Rates:

  • Flat Rate: US9.99
  • Flat Rate Express: US19.99
  • Flat Rate Cold Storage 48Hrs: US39.99
  • Flat Rate Cold Storage 96Hrs: US99.99

In all cases, a tracking number will be provided but a delivery date will only become available after the order is in transit and passes through customs. Delivery dates do not apply when because of an unforeseen circumstance outside of our control, such as a strike, natural disaster, or severe winter storm. You can expect but we cannot guarantee that you will receive your order at an eligible address between 10 days to 21 days.

This will depend on the shipping method, type of product and availability of a “safe delivery spot” not accessible to the public such as a lockbox or mail slot.  In some cases, a notice may be left with details as to where the order may be picked up and signed for near your home depending on the shipping method.

It is a fairly common practice for individual American consumers to purchase drugs from pharmacies in Canada and other foreign countries. While U.S. authorities have chosen not to seek prosecution of consumers, there currently is no legal framework supporting such activity.

The importation of pharmaceuticals from Canada to the United States is generally unlawful for commercial distribution. At ZipRX, we will only dispense and ship medications for personal use never for commercial use, direct to the patient via transactions completed in Canada and only for mediations that are approved by the FDA and Health Canada. Even though, there have been various proposals advanced in Washington D.C. which could change the law in the future, none of these pathways are available today. There are a few existing exceptions established under State law and approved by the FDA, but these exceptions do not apply in a purely commercial setting.

The U.S. government has in some cases taken legal action against those involved commercially in unlawful importation. Warning letters have been issued by the FDA to some online companies and, in other instances, criminal prosecutions have been brought against importers. The fact that the imported drugs may have been properly manufactured and are otherwise of the same quality as the domestic version of the drug is not a defense (the exception being drugs manufactured by a foreign facility registered with the FDA, where the foreign version of the drug is specifically FDA-approved.

Account Information

To register for an Account, all you need to provide some preliminary information and proof of ID. You can fill out the rest of your account information including shipping, billing address, and personal options at your leisure. Once registered, you can check your order status, order history, and manage your account.  Start Here.

It is our duty and responsibility as registered healthcare providers to make sure that we positively identify each patient to be sure we are treating the right person. Without correctly identifying a patient, the rest of the steps in the patient care and safety process can be compromised. For all new patients, an appropriate piece of government-issued identification must be provided or at least two pieces of secondary identification to create your patient profile in our medical and pharmacy records.

Please register with our site to begin. Order confirmations are generated and sent out automatically. Our emails can sometimes accidentally go straight into your junk folder and/or may be flagged by spam filters. If you still have not received a confirmation from us after checking your spam folder, please fill out our contact page, and we will be glad to assist you further. Start here

We can only process prescription drugs with a valid prescription in accordance with the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact We do not accept returns of prescription products for reuse or resale all sales are final. It is our policy that all sales are final in exception of cases of whereby made an error in filling, billing and/or shipping an order which in those cases be subject to validation and approval at

Yes, we can contact your doctor’s office directly with your permission anytime you need a new prescription or a refill reauthorization.

We currently accept all major insurance plans for Canadian patients.  For patients outside of Canada, we are working with our US partners to facilitate management of third-party insurance in the future.

Using our easy refill tool located here.  Your prescription will be filled within hours and shipped same or next day.

In cases, where your medication has run out of refills, you can either get a new prescription for free in minutes by using our online consultation tool.  Alternatively, we can contact your doctor to request a new prescription.

We are committed to keeping your personal health information confidential. It is our policy not to collect, use or share personal health information without the patient’s consent, unless permitted or required by law. It is the norm for us to collect and use personal health information for any number of reasons such as to identify you, ensure the medication is appropriate for you, to monitor drug interactions or allergic reactions to your medications, to protect your health by providing you with appropriate health-related advice, to provide to your insurance carrier to properly adjudicate claims, to meet professional, legal and regulatory requirements.

All personally identifiable information is tokenized using JSON and BLOB document stored which complies with data protection laws such as PIPEDA, HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA. Robust defense in each layer of the vault secures the data including creating immutable audit logs, restrictive network rules, and per-record encryption to prevent unauthorized access to personal data.

We use Google Platform that supports PIPEDA and HIPAA compliance to support internally our end-user products. We also only use servers that are hosted in a fully secured, top-tier, third-party server center and supported by a top-tier backup server facility. The SnapMD data center is a SSAE 16 SOC I Type II, PCI, HIPAA and HITECH compliant environment with multiple database servers (Microsoft SQL), web servers, load balancing technology and firewall with IPS.

Outside of our normal communication with you or your caregiver upon the presentation and dispensing of prescriptions, your personal health information may be disclosed in the following circumstances:

  • For processing a claim for payment and reimbursement from an insurance provider.
  • To speak with your prescribing doctor and/or health care professional to confer with them details about your medication.
  • To anyone who produces written authorization from you and only for the limited purposes set out in the authorization. As permitted or required by law.
  • Over the course of providing services or maintaining our system, we may use service providers who may require access to systems which contain personal information. These service providers are bound to keep all personal information confidential.

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